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This cute baby dragon has vowed to take revenge on the bad creatures for killing his own family!

A unique and dynamic action and adventure dragon game experience is waiting for you! Keep the dragon safe, stay jumpy and have fun!

Help this poor cute little dragon and take him through an amazing journey across the beautiful and wild nature,hills and villages, try to escape from the bloody villains and bad creatures.

You have to help this flappy dragon break through different types of obstacles, there are easy and hard difficulties in this endless action game.

When the shooting button is activated you can make the angry flappy dragon shoot and kill as many villain creatures as you can to reach higher scores.

Get the right speed to pass or break through obstacles while tapping on the screen and take the flappy dragon as far as you can and keep the him safe.

Just tap the screen to make the flappy dragon accelerate and pass obstacles, and remember to keep the flappy dragon safe !

How far will you go ?


◉ Insanely simple and addictive action game
◉ Endless gameplay that never gets old
◉ Grab invincibility power-ups to take down enemies
◉ Fluid and interactive and exhilarating physics-based gameplay
◉ Easy to learn, difficult to master
◉ Discover six unique modes with different atmospheres, each with their own special 
   attributes and abilities.
◉ High quality and beautifully atmosphere and awesome visual design
◉ Groovy and amazing sound effects and music (headphones recommended!)

Get prepared to spread your tiny cute wings and fly like a wild and fearless dragon!

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